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Composite and Tile Facade Cladding

After the isolation stage is provided on deaf facades, it is mounted on carriers made with special profiles with special holders. Its dimensions can be adjusted as desired by the designer, static calculations are made accordingly, and depending on the designer´s request, joint gaps can be created between the plates to provide richness for the facade.

* Aluminum composite sheet coatings are mostly preferred for their fire resistance and non-combustibility properties. These systems are applied by covering aluminum composite sheets to the building with steel or aluminum construction.

* Stone cladding, on the other hand, has become an increasingly used facade cladding solution with its advantages such as protecting the building from external effects, providing heat insulation, being durable, aesthetic and stylish. These are applied by covering the building with natural stones (granite, marble) or specially produced artificial stones (terracotta, ceramic) with steel or aluminum construction.

Composite and Tile Facade Cladding
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