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Aluminum Joinery Systems

Aluminum profiles offer architects customized design possibilities as they are light and durable, as well as having a very high application precision.

Aluminum is 4 times more durable than PVC and 43 times more durable than wood. Aluminum doors and windows are the most suitable materials for structures when durability is based on specific gravity.

The main reason why aluminum is preferred over PVC and wooden joinery in buildings is its durability and longevity. Aluminum is corrosion resistant.

It is not affected by heat and cold and is not exposed to excessive expansion. The new generation of heat-insulated joinery not only makes a significant contribution to energy saving, but also provides a significant amount of sound insulation.

It is fire resistant. Aluminum is nature friendly. 100% recyclable. Like other PVC-based materials, it does not contain harmful substances such as toxic or lead, and it is hygienic.

Since aluminum window frames are durable, they allow the use of frames with less visible width. Narrower frames mean wider lenses.

Today´s architecture pushes the limits in this regard and tries to offer wider openings with smaller frames. Aluminum is the most suitable material for this purpose.

While limited-size solutions can be produced with wooden and plastic joinery, you can pass wide openings with aluminum windows.

Aluminum joinery with high moments of inertia can also be used safely in openings through floors such as French balconies, shop windows, wide sliding and folding doors from floor to ceiling, in high buildings where resistance to wind load is very important, and on high floors. The durability of aluminum, high moments of inertia, allows the manufacture of large-span sliding and casement doors and windows.

Aluminum Joinery Systems
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